We are active in these economic segments

Automotive industry

Are you the driver of a modern car?

Then you can also benefit from the numerous microcomputers in the vehicle, which ensure comfort and safety, e.g. by controlling the airbag, engine, transmission or seat. All of these devices are individually adapted and provided with appropriate parameter sets. This is done using the programming stations supplied by us.


Environmental protection is also important to you?

For a large hessian potash producer, we implemented the control and visualization for the systems, which largely prevents the Werra from becoming salinated.

Food industry

What is a breakfast egg without salt?

Perhaps the salt for your breakfast egg today comes from a salt mine, for which we have automated the shaft hoisting.

Or your coffee pastries may have been taken fully automatically from a high-bay warehouse that we created using a program.


Waiting for your next vaccination appointment?

Your next vaccination may come from a disposable syringe that came from a production line we were involved in.

Air freight

Do you love Asian delicacies?

It could be that your favorite food in Singapore was handled by air freight in a freight terminal, which is controlled by our systems installed there.

Storage technology

Where is your next package coming from?

Maybe from a high rack, area storage, block storage or paternoster which we manage and whose content we visualize.